DUAL Cosmetics starter pack
In this amazing Dual Cosmetics starter pack, you will find everything your face needs with 100% natural ingredients: Dual Face Cream Dual Face Serum Dual Eye Cream The perfect vegan, organic cosmetics that will give our skin complete pleasure in a...
DUAL Slim set
Summer bodies are made in winter! Check this awesome Dual Slim set: DUAL Fat Burner DUAL Thermo Burner DUAL Slim Tea
DUAL Fitness starter pack + FREE eBook
Get your body ready for the upcoming summer with amazing DUAL Fitness starter pack:   DUAL Fat-Burner DUAL Detox Tea DUAL Slim Tea FREE GIFT - DUAL Detox Plan(eBook)     Price per 100gr: DUAL Detox Tea - €15,29 DUAL Slim...
DUAL Detox starter set
Start your year off right by flushing your system with this DUAL Detox set! DUAL Detox Tea FREE GIFT - DUAL Detox Plan(eBook) Price per 100gr: DUAL Detox Tea - €21.05
Sold Out
Dual Promo Bundle
Be quick and grab this unique promotion! 2x Dual Fat Burner 1x Dual Slim Tea 1x Dual Detox Tea 1x DUAL Hyaluronic Acid 1x Dual 14-day detox guide
DUAL Family Health + Beauty Set - 2 Months Supply (+Free Shipping)
Boost your immunity with a new DUAL Family health set! DUAL Multi Men DUAL Multi Women DUAL Turmeric Curcumin DUAL Brain Balance DUAL Face Serum   Support all three levels of the immune system Maximum protection against infections Completely natural and safe products...
Dual First aid - 8 teas set
NATURAL WEIGHT-LOSS BOOST - DUAL Slim Spicy Choco is the ultimate companion of sumptuous breakfast, giving you all you need to successfully tackle and master your daily challenges. The combination of black tea and guarana, along with ginger and cinnamon, helps...
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