Whey-Hydrolisate speeds up the Muscle Recovery!

What is Whey-Hydrolysate?

Whey-hydrolysate is a hydrolyzed form of whey protein. Generally "Whey" always refers to the fractions of milk, containing the whole milk protein. Whey protein is therefore ALWAYS a milk protein concentrate, be it Isolate or Hydrolysate.

The major differences between hydrolysate and the other aforementioned Whey protein types are the most rapid absorption and a very high protein content of the powder of 95% or more. The super-fast absorption can be explained by the fact that in the process of hydrolyzing, the protein complex is already partially digested and part of the work of gastrointestinal tract is reduced. This leads to a much faster absorption of the amino acids or peptides into the blood. Unfortunately, hydrolysation also leads to deterioration in taste of the final product. Thus, just by tasting, you'll recognize whether it really is a hydrolysate or not.

One must be aware of a fact that Whey-hydrolysate (but also isolate or concentrate) leads to a sharp rise in insulin levels without significantly affecting the blood sugar levels. Regarding the "Diet Protein" products, it is also important to know that the rapid rise in blood amino acid concentration with whey hydrolysate also falls just as quickly. You should always keep this fact in mind about the Post-Workout Nutrition.


Used correctly, you can surely benefit from Whey- hydrolysate and its extraordinary properties. Used incorrectly, you can also negate the weight reduction diet and the progress made in terms of body fat reduction with untimed Whey-hydrolysate.

Whey hydrolysate and its influence on muscle regeneration

How well a muscle grows, depends on the one hand on the overall state of nutrition and on the other hand on the stimulus from the training regime. Increases in protein synthesis are initiated by our brain, particularly in response to the so-called Micro-traumas. It refers to minor injuries in the muscle fibers sustained due to a hard intense workout. If you have performed an intense workout, then the micro trauma ensures the protein synthesis. One must of course quickly bring this muscle back on track to set a new training stimulus with a now somewhat stronger muscle after a certain time.

At this juncture, a study by the University of South Australia in Adelaide has now come up. In a randomized double-blind study on 28 bedridden subjects, the researchers studied the effects of several beverages on the regeneration process after an eccentric training. Group 1 received flavored water, Group 2 received water and whey isolate and Group 3 received water and Whey-hydrolysate. A significant effect on the recovery ability of the trained muscles was observed only in the group with water and Whey-hydrolysate, while no such effects were detected in groups 1 and 2. The researchers attributed the effect of Whey-hydrolysate solely to its distinctive rapid absorption and stressed that this effect exists for normal exercising power athletes too.


With Whey-hydrolysate, it is possible to accelerate the regeneration after a micro-traumatic workout and increase the strength value much faster. A new benefit that results from intake of whey protein is a rapid onset of muscle recovery after exercise. This time however, it seems that such effects can only come from Whey hydrolysate.

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Whey-Hydrolisate speeds up the Muscle Recovery!

Whey-Hydrolisate speeds up the Muscle Recovery!

What is Whey-Hydrolysate? Whey-hydrolysate is a hydrolyzed form of whey protein. Generally "Whey" always refers to the fractions of milk, containing the whole milk protein. Whey protein is therefore ALWAYS a milk protein...
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