DUAL Caffeine

What is it?

The Dual Pro Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that increases physical energy levels, improves thought clarity and reduces the feeling of fatigue.

DUAL Pro CAFFEINE provides the energizing effects of caffeine with zero added sugar or calories to meet your training needs without compromising your dietary goals. Caffeine triggers a range of specific performance benefits, including improved focus, heightened alertness, faster reaction time, reduced fatigue, increased endurance, and elevated mood

How to use?

DUAL Pro CAFFEINE capsules contain 200 mg of caffeine in each capsule, and nothing else. Consuming caffeine of up to 400 milligrams daily is considered safe for most people. Keep in mind that this amount represents your total caffeine intake for the day. 

One bottle of DUAL Pro Caffeine contains up to 4 month supply!

What makes it special?

DUAL Pro CAFFEINE contains 100% pure caffeinewithout additives, extracted during the preparation process compared to others that contain synthetic or artificial caffeine. In addition to certified purity, DUAL Pro CAFFEINE is also 100% vegan and gluten-freeSince the capsule shell is vegetarian and purely vegetable (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), our caffeine capsules are also suitable for vegetarians. DUAL caffeine capsules do not contain sugar and therefore are a good substitute for sugary energy drinks, hot and cold caffeinated drinks. It dissolves easily in water. 

DUAL Pro Caffeine is ideal as a pre-workout for gym lovers, bodybuilders, cyclists and also for any endurance sport. 

Effects made by DUAL Pro Caffeine start quickly (about 30 minutes after taking the capsule).

What does DUAL Pro Caffeine contains?

    • 100% pure Caffeine

What are the benefits of using DUAL Pro Caffeine?

Caffeine capsules are a convenient way to stimulate the central nervous system and help increase energy levels while reducing fatigue and tiredness. The central nervous system, including the brain, feels the impact of caffeine shortly after consumption. This provides temporary benefits, such as:

  • reduction of headaches
  • quick boost of energy
  • helps to burn fat
  • improved athletic performance
  • helps in recovery
  • a decrease in depression
  • reduced constipation
  • ability to stay awake
  • sharper mental focus
  • improved memory
  • reduced perception of pain

How do Caffeine capsules help with weight loss?

Within the world of fitness, caffeine has become very important as a diet booster and weight loss. The truth is that, in moderate consumption, these capsules are a great way to lose weight. Caffeine contains biological substances that serve as boosters to increase metabolism and therefore help to break down the burning of fat in the body. This is possible because caffeine blocks adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and with it dopamine and norepinphrine levels increase. In this way, the nervous system sends signals to fat cells to order their breakdown.

Also, caffeine helps increase adrenaline levels. It travels throughout the body through the blood, sending signals to fatty tissues for breakdown. There are several studies that reveal that caffeine is a powerful metabolism accelerator, that is, it increases our body's ability to burn calories at rest.

Using DUAL Pro CAFFEINE before entering the gym would boost performance, improving performance on tasks such as push-ups, manual skills, or while performing running-related activities. Caffeine is a powerful pain suppressant, like migraine headaches, but it also has the ability to relieve other sports-related pain, such as cramps or stiffness.

How do Caffeine capsules help with studying?

Sitting in front of a book and drinking an energy drink or having coffee - a ritual that is very common among students. Caffeine serves as a stimulant to the central nervous system , resulting in increased concentration before an activity such as preparing for an exam. Caffeine helps you need less brain activation before a task that requires attention.


  • Weight loss enhancer - burn more calories
  • Improves mental alertness and wakefulness - improves concentration
  • Boost Endurance Performance - Perfect Training Partner, Whatever Your Goals
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