Healthy pudding made of oat flakes - for breakfast or desert



Pudding from oat flakes as a quick breakfast or as an excellent, healthy dessert is a great source of protein and calcium!


They are delicious, practical and healthy. A fast, nutritious and delicious meal that you can eat in the morning for energy throughout the day. Created by the process of mating and softening of the teeth between the rollers, after which they dry. Nutritionally they are very similar to the grains of their teeth, but are much faster preparing. Due to the abundance of minerals and fibers, they have many medicinal features.

Yes, these are oat flakes!

Pudding from oat flakes as a quick breakfast or as an excellent, healthy dessert is a great source of protein and calcium!

You like pudding, but do you notice that they are full of starch, dyestuff and aroma and that they make you eat more and more and get fat?

Give the chance to a homemade pudding stitched inside the four walls of your kitchen. The main ingredient are healthy oat flakes, and how to make a super dessert in 10 minutes, check in our fine recipe.

Half a cup of oat flakes contains 159 kcal and has only 2 grams of fat. It is surprising that so few calories can keep human for so long. The fibers from the teeth increase the feeling of fullness in the stomach, while beta-glucan helps to reduce appetite. If you are trying to lose weight and reduce calorie intake, oatmeal is your ideal breakfast, and you will be full of energy and endure until lunch.

Therefore, you do not have to look at this delicious pudding as a dessert but as a real nutritious meal!

Especially because apart from flakes, this dish is screaming with health because of nuts and dried fruits.

If you are not sure which dried fruit to insert into your new favorite pudding, get to know all of these foods and go shopping at least some:




Healthy puddings from oat flakes is an ideal recipe of those days when you have uninvited guests. The dessert will be completely dark while cooking tea or coffee. We are sure that you will receive numerous praises too.


Boil the milk in a medium-sized flask. Add oat flakes, almonds, walnuts, dried fruits and spices. With continuous stirring, cook for 10 minutes.

Serve in dishes and decorate with chopped pistachios, almonds, coconut, etc.

Serve hot or cold, depending on how you like.

If you prefer chocolate varieties of pudding, add a raw cocoa powder in the bowl before cooking.

Bon appetit!

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