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How it

You may be wondering how it works. Well, we’ll tell you! Okay, so you’ve bought your beautiful Dual Shaker in your favorite color. You’ve placed your protein powder in the small compartment and your favorite liquid in the bigger one. Your pills are safely stored in the lid and you’ve sealed it on tight. In this stage, everything is sealed up and nothing will get mixed together. How is this possible?
All compartments of the shaker cup remain perfectly sealed together because of our German technology. There’s a secret ring on the inside that seals everything together.
So now you’re off to the gym, the office or wherever your fantastic day takes you. You can relax, knowing that there will be no spilling in your gym bag or purse because your shake ingredients are totally safe and secure. When you’re ready to make your shake, all you do is twist the lid max. 360 degrees. This allows the ingredients to harmoniously come together. Time to shake! Simply turn the cup upside down and give it a good shake. Health on the go has never been so easy!


Unique Design

The Dual Shaker 2.0 exhibits innovative design in all its splendor.


Ultra Leak Proof

The design provides for a totally leak-proof shaker cup – no more annoying spillage!


Unique Pill Box

The pill box within the lid has four different compartments – perfect for supplements.

Dual Shaker Exploded

First of all, it’s beautiful! The Dual Shaker comes in 5 bright and bold colors. Choose the one that appeals to your sense of aesthetic! Perhaps you’d like something unique and innovative – like a Shaker Cup with a hashtag. You got it! Ours is uniquely designed with a hashtag – innovation at it’s best!

Dual Shaker Cap
Leak Proof

Have you had it up to your ears with messy shaker cups? Well, we’ve got the solution! The Dual Shaker 2.0 is totally leak proof! It’s 100% secure from any leakage due to its clever and innovative German engineering. There’s a fantastic sealing ring as well as a sealing surface.

In fact, there’s absolutely no way for liquid to leak out – making a mess in your gym bag like others shaker cups are prone to do. How can this be? Well, the liquid inside is divided by two chambers and separated by a sealing ring as well as a doubly insured sealing surface. The Dual Shaker Cup 2.0 allows for total freedom and worry-free protein shakes on-the-go!

Dual Shaker Pillbox

Another clever bonus to the Dual Shaker 2.0 is that it safely stores your supplements. There’s a totally cool (too casual expression) pill box designed within the lid that has four different compartments – perfect for keeping all your supplements safe and secure. The pill box’s flexible walls make it easy to keep powdered supplements here, too! So, if you prefer to take your micronutrients in powdered form, this pill box meets those needs as well. It’s also removable. Use it when you like and remove it when you don’t.

The Dual Shaker 2.0 was designed with your freedom and health in mind.
It's made for YOU from GERMANY with ♥